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VS Engineering acts in the market for over 20 years with different technologies for the industrial sector, specialized in project development, consulting, assembling attendance and start-up.

The Technical Staff of VS engineering is made by Mr. Valter Felipe Sicchieri as its founding partner and Mrs. Maria Fatima Marquini, Chemical Engineer Phd, both with wide experience in industrial processes, besides a highly qualified professional team, composed by active engineers and draftsmen, in areas such like: mechanical and processes engineering, aiming at efficient and specific solutions with high technology and quality, according to the International Standards ASME VIIII - American Society of Mechanical Engineer, TEMA - Tubular Exchanger Manufactures Association and API 650 and 620 - American Petroleum Institute.

The engineering draft services are all internal made, which assure a high product confiability level and also a VIP customer care.

VS Engineering keeps strategic partnerships for the manufacture and assembly of the equipment incorporated to its contracts with all the proper guarantees, providing an easy and reliable interface to its customers.