Check here some events with the participation of VS Engineering!

Happy Holidays!!!

Local: Vs Engineering
Data: 25/12/2016

VS Engineering wishes to all its employees, suppliers, customers and friends a special Xmas: with a lot of lights, peace and smiles and a happy new year of conquests, happiness and good businesses!

Happy Holidays 2017!

SINATUB 2016 - VS Engineering was there!

Local: Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo - Brazil
Data: 15/09/2016

It was happened in Ribeirão Preto, last 9/14 and 15, the 2016 edition of the SINATUB, a traditional congress of the bioenergy segment, which had the presence of employees and managers from several ethanol and sugar production unities from the brazilian departments of São Paulo, Minas, Goiás, Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul.

There were two days of course: the 1st one focused in Fermentation, and the second exclusive for Distillation, with some very interesting and explicative lectures about the topics above.

The VS Engineering Technical-Commercial Director,  doctor in Chemical Engineering, Engª Maria Fatima Marquini Sicchieri was one of the speakers, bringing some informations about the quality of the ethanol, since its production untill the stocking.

Doubtless it was a productive and very interesting event, with great networking opportunities and prospection of new  businesses.

VS Engenharia joined 2016 Fenasucro edition.

Local: Sertãozinho, São Paulo - Brazil
Data: 24/08/2016

The 2016 Fenasucro Edition was a huge sucess: The traditional and biggest latin american bioenergy expo. 

And we, from VS Engineering, are proud to had being part of this year´s edition of the expo, where we could meet some great mates, to knew brand new people, and to foment some great new business´ opportunities, besides of ad the VS name.

VS Engineering, Technology and confiability in everything it makes!

New address of VS Engineering Facilities.

Local: Sertãozinho, São Paulo - Brazil
Data: 01/01/2016

The new HQ of VS Engineering is located at: 98, Ângelo Magro, st.  on the Industrial District II (CINEP) in Sertãozinho - São Paulo - Brazil.

We are able to receive you here in our facilities to grab a coffee and talk about good business opportunities.